Products & Features

All our products have the following features:

1. Timed quizzes according to WAEC timing standards.

2. Answers and feedback to questions.

3. Interactive objective and theory based questions.

4. Ability to resume on last study.

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Getting Started

Download and use MyPassCo in 3 easy steps. Experience a super simple way of learning BECE past questions; MypassCo comes in

packaged CD as well as a downloadable version. It is just a plug and play software but you can also install it on your personal computer at home or office or school.

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Help Guides

At mypassCo Education is our passion. The world is full of many talented people. We believe that each young person has talent and potential. Many people die without realizing their talent and the potential in them due to lack of education.  The good book known as the Bible tells us in Hosea 4:6 that “For Lack of knowledge my people perish.”

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About Us

MypassCo is a dedicated body aimed at helping student prepare for an examination by providing them with electronic learning materials and tools. We create digital assessment solutions suitable for training of company staff, Government agencies, schools, individuals, etc. We also create multimedia

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